Jade Cove
Don Wobber’s Jade SculptureJade_Sculptures_of_Don_Wobber.html

Jade Cove is really a series of coves located on Highway One, 65 miles south of Monterey. This area of coastline stretches between Cape San Martin and Sand Dollar Beach. It is one of the most unusual jade-collecting locations in the world, where nephrite jade is concentrated beneath the ocean surface.

The coves are surrounded by 180-foot cliffs and only accessible by narrow switchback trails. At the bottom of the cliffs the shoreline is a rubble of large serpentine boulders and an occasional pebble beach.

Winter and spring storms drive huge swells in from the open sea to pour over the shallow 30-40 foot depths in powerful ground swells and breakers. Storm surf combined with high tides often creates dangerous situations where the heavy seas pound relentlessly up against the cliffs.

This is not a place for the inexperienced diver or unaware beachcomber. One must be constantly aware of what the sea is doing. In the summer and fall the kelp grows thick and diving becomes difficult indeed.

Rugged as these coastal conditions are, Jade Cove has become an international mecca for rockhounds and divers.

Don Wobber beginning the climb down to the shore. Several trips are needed to carry all the dive gear and related equipment.

Finding and retrieving jade (boulders) underwater.

Don Wobber carrying his jade discovery back to the car. Several more trips are needed to bring back the dive gear and equipment.

View the underwater jade cave and read an excerpt from an interview with Don Wobber by the Journal of Chinese Jade:  http://bernsteinjadeart.com/DWabout.htmlhttp://bernsteinjadeart.com/dwabout.htmlhttp://bernsteinjadeart.com/dwabout.htmlhttp://bernsteinjadeart.com/dwabout.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1